ATREG is the only firm in the world dedicated to the holistic exchange of advanced technology manufacturing infrastructure. A linchpin of the semiconductor industry for 25 years, ATREG has served as an objective intermediary in the transfer of over $30 billion in assets, acting as an indispensable conduit for the growth of its partners and the industry as a whole while remaining uniquely focused on aggregate asset deployment and human capital retention.
Stephen Rothrock CEO ATREG

A message from President & CEO Stephen Rothrock

As the advanced technology industry enters a new phase of consolidation, having the finger on the pulse of what happens with regard to global fab offer and demand is now more important than ever before. Selling infrastructure-rich manufacturing assets such as operational semiconductor fabs and cleanrooms takes a very specific set of skills and knowledge. Companies looking for reliable manufacturing alternatives can rely on ATREG’s global fab transaction experience to ensure they make the best choices when it comes to manufacturing structures.

“Our work with ATREG has allowed us to find the best solution for Higashiura. This acquisition will preserve jobs and allow for ongoing engineering innovation at the site.”

Chief Strategy Officer

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