For sale: Cypress operational 200mm fab, Bloomington, USA

Cypress fab, Bloomington, MN

ATREG has been retained by Cypress Semiconductor to facilitate the sale of its operational 200mm manufacturing facility based in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. This automotive-qualified fab offers a cleanroom facility spanning approx. 80,000 sq. ft., on-site wafer sort and failure analysis capability, as well as highly experienced employees. The site includes a fully integrated tool line capable of producing approx. 16,700 wafers / month (350nm to 90nm), a possible supply contract, and the potential to license process IP. It is also one of the only opportunities for semiconductor companies to add production-level 200mm manufacturing capacity in the USA.


  • Potential future expansion on a site spanning approx. 14.7 acres
  • Category 1A Trusted facility accredited by the DMEA
  • Wide range of 416 tools able of manufacture products in the industrial, consumer, and automotive segments
  • Additional possibility to license process intellectual property as part of the deal
  • Potential to acquire existing foundry business associated with the fab
  • Possible multi-year supply contract to generate revenue during product qualification and production ramp

Cypress fab, Bloomington, MN

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