Greenfield investment opportunity: Marcy Nanocenter, NY

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In light of the current tight market for brownfield semiconductor fabs, advanced electronics companies looking for additional manufacturing capacity should consider the Marcy Nanocenter (MNC) site based in Utica, NY as an attractive greenfield investment opportunity and advanced technology ecosystem to set up their future manufacturing operations.

In addition to offering a major time-to-market advantage (permits in place, infrastructure built or under construction), New York State, in partnership with Mohawk Valley EDGE and Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), has the ability to offer a very competitive incentive package compared to other greenfield locations across the globe. The Marcy Nanocenter site can support three new semiconductor plants which could be ready for equipment by the third quarter of 2019 should groundbreaking start today.

Greenfield Marcy Nanocenter, Utica, NY

Other strategic investments in the region include IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortia (GE and Danfoss), AIM Photonics, Solar City, and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. In 2009, GLOBALFOUNDRIES began the construction of a $4.2 billion chip manufacturing facility in the Capital District, about 90 miles away from the Marcy Nanocenter site. Today, GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 300mm fab has over $15 billion in public-private investment and employs more than 3,200 people with a payroll of over $300 million.


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