Q4 2010

Silicon wafers


I wanted to personally welcome you to the new ATREG! The past couple of months have been an exciting time for our company. In September, we became an independent entity after being a successful specialized division of Colliers International for the past 12 years. Colliers International will continue to operate as ATREG’s preferred real estate provider serving the needs of ATREG’s clients globally.

The entire ATREG team moved to new premises in Seattle, marking a significant milestone in our history that uniquely positions us to address a rapidly growing market opportunity estimated at US$300 billion worldwide.

ATREG President & CEO Stephen RothrockAt ATREG, we understand that assets are not just buildings, but also people, tools, business processes, intellectual property, and products. Like our name indicates, Advanced Technology Resource Group provides all the customized strategic transaction and advisory services global corporations need to ensure the successful acquisition and disposition of complex manufacturing assets. As global competition intensifies and new markets emerge, the semiconductor industry is subject to increasingly volatile market forces. ATREG helps channel these dynamic market forces in ways to minimize risk and maximize financial and operational returns for its clients.

Our past accomplishments speak for themselves. In 1998, we were retained to sell our first semiconductor manufacturing facility, and have since then handled more than US$3 billion in transactions for some of the largest, most recognized global semiconductor companies in the world. ATREG helped Atmel Corporation transition from fab-heavy to fab-light within 3.5 years [insert link to case study here], and handled the Qimonda North America assignment, the first-ever sale of bankrupt 300mm and 200mm fabs which were ultimately sold in three transactions to Texas Instruments and QTS.  By keeping a finger on the pulse of global supply and demand for semiconductor fabrication facilities and cleanrooms via our extensive database, we enable our customers to make the best-informed investment decision possible, fast.

What makes us different? It is our unique approach to deliver creative, multi-faceted solutions when others have failed to successfully execute a single-plan transaction. We transform data into knowledge, contacts into relationships, and ideas into results, enabling our customers to focus on their core business and maximize ROI.

ATREG’s top priority is to provide its customers with best-in-class advice and service. Please email us if we can be of assistance in any shape or form, or answer any questions you may have regarding the acquisition or disposition of your manufacturing assets.


Stephen Rothrock
President / Managing Principal





Former Atmel North Tyneside fabTransitioning from a fab-heavy to a fab-light manufacturing base has been an increasing trend among semiconductor companies for many years. Very few companies, however, have managed the transition as quickly or as smoothly as Atmel Corporation – a result made more remarkable given Atmel’s geographically and operationally diverse portfolio.

By partnering with ATREG, Atmel Corporation has been able to conclude transactions for empty fab shells, complete equipment tool lines, business units and operational fabs in the USA, the UK, Germany, and France.





Former Qimonda Dresden fabTexas Instruments made waves last year when the company acquired a 300mm tool line from Qimonda North America’s facility in Richmond, Virginia. This was the first 300mm line to be sold on the secondary market, and acquired for a small fraction of the original cost.

Texas Instruments used the opportunity to establish the industry’s first wafer fab for production of analog chips on 300mm wafers, giving TI a potential cost advantage in high-volume production.