Q4 2014


On September 17 and 18, ATREG’s fourth-annual Semiconductor Leadership Summit brought together 45 executives from around the globe representing a broad spectrum of the semiconductor industry. Attendees engaged in a series of panel discussions and interactive presentations that generated thoughtful exchanges and debate on various timely and important industry topics and issues. This year’s participating companies included:

  • Accenture
  • AKM Semiconductors
  • ams
  • Aptina Imaging
  • Black Sand Technologies
  • Qualcomm
  • Broadcom
  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • Detroit Regional Chamber
  • E1023
  • Freescale Semiconductor
  • IBM
  • imec
  • Intersil
  • Micron Technology
  • Powerchip
  • Power Integrations
  • Renesas
  • Russell Investments
  • SanDisk
  • Sensors in Motion
  • Shimdi Venture Advisors
  • SMIC
  • Spitzberg Partners
  • SSMC
  • Tallwood Venture Capital
  • TSI Semiconductors
  • UMC
  • UTAC
  • VIS
  • X-FAB

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, former Minister of Economics & Technology / Minister of Defense in the cabinet of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as Chairman & Founder of New York-based boutique corporate advisory firm Spitzberg Partners, opened the event by delivering this year’s keynote – The Future of Key Technology Enablers in Europe. Other notable speakers included senior executives from Accenture (global digital trends update), imec (silicon nano-technologies for personalized healthcare), and Russell Investments (economic & market outlook). A series of panels featuring event attendees discussed the industry’s latest trends around semiconductor financing, the future of foundries, and the connected car. To conclude the event, ATREG presented its take on the evolution of the packaging industry, sharing long‐term views based on changing industry dynamics and market observations. Email us to receive a copy of the proceedings of ATREG’s 2014 Semiconductor Leadership Summit.

2014 ATREG Semiconductor Leadership Summit





Former WD Phoenix fabATREG is pleased to announce that it has successfully advised Western Digital Corp. (NASDAQ: WDC) in the sale of its infrastructure-rich 545,000 sq. ft. fab shell located on a 33.5-acre campus in Phoenix, AZ, in collaboration with commercial real estate firm Colliers.

The facility was purchased by Evergreen Devco, a real estate developer and investor focused in the Western United States, primarily in Arizona.

The buyer will redevelop the campus into a multi-use site serving the commercial North Phoenix community.





We are pleased to announce that SEMI Europe has invited ATREG to speak at the third edition of its 2015 European 3D TSV Summit to be held January 19-21 in Grenoble, France. The event themed Enabling Smarter Systems focuses on 3D TSV and brings together all the companies involved in the full 3D supply chain and semiconductor advanced packaging sector.

Electronics componentsOn January 19, ATREG will open the event’s Pre-Summit Market Symposium by presenting The Future of Assembly & Test: Convergence or Coexistence? The importance of the $50 billion assembly & test market is going to come into sharp focus as the semiconductor industry continues to mature and new packaging technologies may help companies drive revenue and maintain margins. Early on, fully integrated semiconductor companies built tools, designed and manufactured chips, and packaged those chips for sale. As the industry evolved, new business models have emerged leading to a disaggregated ecosystem comprised of independent equipment companies, fabless design houses, foundries, and outsourced assembly & test (OSAT) companies. ATREG, however, believes that the macroeconomic and technological forces impacting the whole industry will lead to continued consolidation among back-end companies as well as a re-integration of some front-end and back-end manufacturing activities through the convergence of the role of foundries and OSAT companies, related to new 3D packaging technologies. Cost pressures are already leading to further IDM outsourcing and consolidation among OSAT vendors.

And while lower margins in the packaging space have historically been unattractive to foundries, OSAT companies have delivered high returns to shareholders over the past five years. There are now signs that foundry companies are moving into the back-end space. Part of the reason for the change is economic, but it is also being driven by technology as advanced, wafer-level packaging techniques closely align with the capabilities of foundries. In this presentation, ATREG explores how these forces will manifest themselves over the next several years. Email us to receive a copy of our presentation.