Q3 2013

Electronic components

MACRO SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES ATREG recently had the opportunity to spend quality time with a group of senior executives from leading semiconductor companies and discuss some key industry topics, issues, and concerns. As strategic planning gets under way in coming weeks, I thought I would share a quick recap of these discussions in this column.

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Q2 2013

Silicon wafer tray

WILL OSAT FOLLOW THE FOUNDRY GROWTH MODEL? I recently came upon an article citing a prediction made by industry research firm IDC for the expected growth of the semiconductor market in 2013. Although IDC’s figure of a 3.5% expansion for this year is slightly more optimistic than ATREG’s expectation of 2.0%, it further underlines the

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Q1 2013

Integrated circuit

THE INFLECTION POINT: THE FUTURE ISN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE As we look forward into 2013, the uncertainty in the semiconductor sector is readily apparent when one examines recently announced 2013 growth predictions for the industry ranging between -1.1% and 12.4%. Obviously time will tell, but ATREG is more interested in understanding the underlying

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Q4 2012

Bunny suits in cleanroom

UNPRECEDENTED SEMI CHALLENGES WILL DRIVE A NEW WAVE OF CONSOLIDATION IN 2013 At the end of September, we hosted ATREG’s second annual Semiconductor Leadership Summit in Seattle during which a number of key executives and influencers from the world’s leading semiconductor companies examined the current major issues facing the industry and the implications moving forward. While the

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Q3 2012

Printed circuit board

THE FUTURE OF SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING Back in July, I had the honor to speak at GSA’s CEO Roundtable in Taiwan regarding the future of semiconductor manufacturing, a topic on the minds of many industry executives given the challenges presented by slowing growth, accelerating costs, and constant pricing pressure that results in margin compression throughout the

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